The IKEA pen, a coherent promotional object

ikea promotional pen

The intelligent and coherent promotional article

There is more than one way to create a smart promotional article. One of them is by making the articles coherent with the company’s identity and brand image. I developed a concept, which I present at my conferences on the intelligent object, that exemplifies the coherence between a company and its promotional article. The idea is simple; exactly like IKEA furniture, a promotional article in the form of a pen, is offered in pieces along with assembly instructions.

By the way, to lighten up the atmosphere at these conferences, I often tell the audience that I add an extra piece to mix up the person doing the assembly (my apology IKEA).

A simple concept? Make no mistake, finding a promotional article that is coherent with a company’s image is often a long and complex process. On the other hand, the more the company’s identity is strong and distinct from its peers, the easier it will be to find a coherent object.


An investment, not an expense

Someone told me recently that several buyers in his organization believe that a promotional article will end up in the trash within 24 hours. This could in fact be the sad reality if a logo is placed on a simple and irrelevant object. On other hand, a coherent promotional article will induce a reaction, an emotion. The bond created with the object, which is in fact with the company that offers it, is then significantly increased.

As outlined by Équiterre in its eco-friendly promotional product guide, a creative and attractive promotional article will be used considerably more than a simple object with a logo printed on it.

The intelligent and coherent promotional article makes us laugh, reflect and surprises us. We appreciate the relevance of the object and what it induces hence feel inclined to use it and talk about it.


The classic example of communication through objects.

The intelligent and coherent promotional article
ikea promotional item