A striking glass for Lebeau Vitres d’auto

The W Communication team doesn’t create any products without guaranteeing their impact. This convinced Lebeau Vitres d’auto, an auto glass company, to entrust us with a project that’s more complicated than may first meet the eye: to design a unique and original product to give away as a gift to some customers.

When developing this product, we drew inspiration from the brand’s positioning and of course Lebeau’s sales environment. An idea came to us: we could imitate a broken windshield on a water glass. The same concept was adapted for a pitcher, and could be used on other objects, because this flash of creativity is now associated with the brand, no logo necessary!

The product is consistent with the brand, well thought out, creating emotion and leaving a lasting impression. It’s everything you can ask for from an intelligent product.


Lebeau Vitres d'autos (Belron)


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