Original packaging for Chocolats Favoris

Surprising, charming, brand-appropriate.

Chocolats Favoris selected W Communication to create packaging for its house mix of hot chocolate cocoa powder.

To package and showcase this product, our team wanted to get off the beaten path and avoid the traditional bags or containers generally used by chocolate makers. Aiming to surprise and charm customers, we came up with the idea of imitating the look of a milk carton. It’s an inviting and cheerful package, recognizable as a liquid container, but not for cocoa powder!

Then, we paid particular attention to the design in order to match Chocolats Favoris’s graphic identity and convey its immaculate brand image, the company’s pride and joy.

This surprising packaging was a great success, leading to impressive sales as soon as the product was released. It just goes to show that packaging is also an intelligent product, and that smart ideas sell.


Chocolats Favoris


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