Custom tubular headwear

Michel Leblanc | 17 December 2014

In 2008, W Communication introduced the first multifunctional, tubular headwear on the product communications market. As we worked to create the collection of tie-in products for Pentathlon des neiges de Québec, we included this new product that is still relatively uncommon on the promotional product market. It has taken several years for tubular headwear to grow in popularity, but I think 2015 will the year when it really takes off. Its growing popularity is tied to Quebecers’ love for running and outdoor activities. Tubular headwear, which can be used for a variety of sports and occasions, is easily turned into an effective promotional product.

It is particularly enjoyed, and above all worn, by those who receive it.




Tubular headwear is multifunctional

It can be worn in many different ways: as a scarf, as a hat, as a headband, as a bandana, and so on. The only limit is your imagination. It’s light, comfortable and sturdy, it dries quickly, blocks wind and is quite breathable. It’s a must-have for your sports activities, and a great fashion statement piece.


Tubular headwear has no seams, which is tricky during the production and decoration stage, but it provides extra comfort appreciated by users.

Tubular headwear that reflects your organization.

From a promotional standpoint, the headwear offers excellent visibility. It’s easy to imagine the impact of a hundred heads decked out in an organization’s colours during an event. They’d be hard to miss!


If it’s tastefully and effectively designed, the product will be worn on many occasions, and you’ll benefit from repeated, long-term promotion of your brand. When customizing tubular headwear, screen printing should be avoided at all costs. The result would be low quality, uncomfortable, and screen printing limits the creative possibilities. Apart from marginal products like those in merino wool, customized tubular headwear must be printed using sublimation. Any printing technique for this product must be used carefully in order to avoid, for example, issues in the register (colour alignment) when printing the two sides of the scarf. Very few suppliers get the results just right.

There are specific rules for the design stage; since the product can be worn different ways, you must consider how it will appear on the user’s head, not when you look at it lying flat. At first, this small piece of fabric may seem simple to design, but it actually requires some expertise if you want something more than to add a simple corporate logo, while also making the product attractive.

By the unit, the sales price in stores for basic tubular headwear can be as high as $23. In the corporate market, the price is much lower, and depends on the quantity ordered and the design’s complexity. You can contact us at info@wcommunication.com to find out the production costs based on your needs.


Examples of headwear created for several running groups in Quebec, including La Clinique du Coureur, Courir avec les amis FB à Québec et le Marathon Baie-des Chaleurs.
Photos: Jacques Marais, Marjolaine Castonguay, Sarah Doucette

The custom tubular headwear’s packaging should explain how it’s worn

Without an explanation, multifunctional headwear could leave its recipient confused, not knowing how to use it. W Communication allows you to give the headwear with packaging that explains different ways to wear it.



Custom tubular headwear for retail

We’ve developed several tubular headwear scarves for different clients in the retail market. We’re particularly proud of the collection we designed for Parcs Québec. You can see the different models of headwear by visiting Parcs Canada stores throughout Quebec.

An article presenting many of the tie-in products that we create for Parcs Québec will be up on our blog after the holidays. Until then, the W Communication team wishes you a wonderful holiday season!


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